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A Journey Begins

November 9th, 2012 Comments off

Well, I did it – I signed up for the 2013 Florida Ironman! Which, even that proved challenging. The 2012 IM sold out in 16 minutes, so I knew this one was going to be quick as well. Sunday morning I was sitting at my computer frantically refreshing the registration page. Good thing, it turns out, as the 2013 IM sold out in under a minute. Whew. Now that I’ve got that out of the way, it’s all easy from here, right? :)


With Lauren’s birthday on Monday, I got a late start on the training plan. In fact, I didn’t do any physical activity until this morning. Which was a pretty successful run, and I’m proud of myself for being able to wake up at 5 am and run in temps in the mid-30′s. I guess it’s only going to get colder from here, but as I hate treadmills, it’s the lesser of two evils.


I haven’t yet put together the full training plan, but I know long runs will be Sundays and long bike rides will be Saturday. I’m not very excited about riding my bike in the morning in winter, but getting to 56 miles by May is going to be tough if I wait for nicer weather.

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NaNoWriMo: Day 01

November 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Well, time to get this show on the road! I’ve known it’s been coming for a few weeks now, and ready or not, it’s time to kick off the NaNoWriMo.


November, the perfect time to write 50k words in a novel form. The weather is chilly enough to discourage doing any other outdoor activities (except for training for that marathon-thing…) and perfect for spending time writing in a coffee shop :)


The daily goal of 1700 words is proving to be quite tough, and today’s total so far is 850. Granted I started writing around 11pm, and as it’s past midnight, so I probably should stop for tonight.  The tiredness is having an adverse affect (or is it effect, I can never remember) on the words I’m trying to string together. I’m finding as it gets later and later, there are move and more passages that I don’t even really remember writing.


Since tonight won’t be a goal-hitting kind of night, it’s going to make tomorrow pretty tough: 2,500 words. Whew, that’s going to be a big writing day. In addition to needing to create 2,500 words out of the ether, there’s still lots to prep for our annual turkey fry / LSU v. Alabama game. Cleaning the house, yard, and brining the turkey are all also on the docket for tomorrow. Thug Life.


Post Script:

I had to edit this post the following morning, apparently being really tired and blogging aren’t a great idea – who knew? :)

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